Sunday, October 16, 2022

Death in a Dark Alley by Bradley Pay Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review. (Not my picture.)

This is book two in the Spectrum Series, book one being The Killings Begin. In this book, we are taken through the past history of some of the characters we met in book one. We find out how Lydia and Mari met. We meet Frank and learn about his history, his troubled past, his relationships. We meet Isabella and how she had a friendship with Frank. We also find out the struggles of Isabella and what she does to survive when she strikes off on her own. Frank takes Isabella on a trip to meet his Uncle Victor; Isabella and Victor have their own story. And we meet a whole host of other characters.

We get just a bit more of the relationship between Tracey Lauch and Charlotte, and some of their travel adventures. Tracey is a wildly captivating man, but he has a darkness to him. Personally, I want more of Tracey’s story, what makes him tick, the reason he does what he does, the meaning behind his triggers. What makes Charlotte so special to Tracey?

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