Friday, December 23, 2022

Her Sister's Death by K.L. Murphy Blog Tour/Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

Can you imagine your sister doing something that you thought she would never do? This is the position that Val found herself in. Her sister, Sylvia, checked into the Franklin, a local hotel that has a history of its own.

This story combines a story from 1921 involving newlywed Bridget to her overbearing husband Lawrence. These stories are intertwined in a way that I sure didn’t see happening … at all.

Val, being a journalist at heart, finds herself in the library one day researching for anything she can find on what might have happened to her sister because she didn’t believe Sylvia did what the authorities were claiming. There had to be something more. Enter Terry Martin, a retired detective, who was the lucky, or not so lucky, recipient of watching Val crumble. After hearing her story, he decided to help her, but he wasn’t sure why.

Bridget and Lawrence’s story is interwoven between these pages as Val and Terry continue down this path of truth finding, all the while meeting and interviewing some interesting characters. You’ll be introduced to Wyatt (Sylvia’s husband); Angela (Wyatt’s administrative assistant); Dani (Wyatt’s wanna be girlfriend); Merry and Miles (the children); Billy (working at the Franklin); along with a host of other minor characters that help craft this tale.

If you like a story that includes a bit of ghostliness, a murder or two, an unexpected partnership trying to get to the answer, and some dysfunctional relationships, give this one a read.


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