Friday, August 11, 2023

The Killer's Wife by Susan Furlong Blog Tour and Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

This is one of those books that you start to read and just want to keep reading … at least it was for me. There are some very interesting characters in this tale.

Adam and Miranda Nash - A very mismatched couple. Miranda wants the traditional things … a house with a white picket fence (at least the image of that) and a family, so naturally she’s pushing Adam into having a baby. Adam used to work on the police force with a big city, but accepted a job as a parole officer in Joy, Montana. Sounds like what a good husband would do, right? Adam has his own ulterior motives for taking this lesser job.

Enter Kerry Grey - This is who this tale is really about and her conviction. Kerry also has a son, Joey, and a husband, Lucas. That’s a tangled web. And there’s her Pops, Callan Grey. He’s really Kerry’s grandfather but raised her since she was a baby, and Pops took in Joey when Kerry was hauled off to prison.

Wyatt Jones - This poor guy. He never got over Kerry over the past four years that Kerry was away.

Amber - The receptionist/operator for the Joy sheriff’s department.

Rachel and Marco - Adam and Miranda’s neighbors. Marco wasn’t in tune with Rachel’s obsession with the Kerry Grey case … at all. Rachel and Adam seemed to bond over their true crime enthusiasm. Ulterior motives!

Sheriff Foley - Because there has to be law enforcement. His officers, Bird and McCulley.

Also interlaced are scenes from the show “Strange Murders.” It’s one of those true crime shows we see on TV which made this story even more interesting … comparing what happened four years ago to the present day.

Everyone seems to have their own reasons for doing what they do. Rachel uses Adam. Adam uses Kerry to an extent. Foley wants his city to recognize his efforts; he doesn’t want to mess this one up. Wyatt, again, never got over Kerry. Kerry wants to reconnect with Joey, but she has to get out of the mess she finds herself in. The list goes on. 

I thought I had this one figured out. Wrong. Then, I thought I had it figured out again. I did but not for the right reasons. And the character of “Mama” … you don’t want to mess with Mama!


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  1. Thanks for the review. This is one of my favorite books of the year!