Friday, October 20, 2023

The Lost Boys of Barlowe Theater by Jaime Jo Wright Blog Tour and Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

Since I started reading this author’s work, I have been trying to read every book she has ever written. She never disappoints and this one is no different. There are so many intertwining stories, it seems the reader won’t be able to keep up with who is who and who is related to who and how it all ties together, but in the end it does.

In these pages, we meet Greta and her brothers, Oscar and Eleanor Boyd, the Farrington family. We learn about the Barlowe Theater and the story behind it. We also get to fast-forward to the present day where we meet Kit and her friend, Madison. We also meet Heather and Evan who are filming a show about the Barlowe Theater and its history.

Each one of the above characters has a backstory that is interlaced with each other. Greta and her brothers were in the lower class of Kipper’s Grove back in 1915. The way Greta’s life is described makes it easy to understand what it was like to be poor back then, coupled with learning what folks thought of a poor woman having friendships with those who were of a higher class. Greta also holds onto hope, hope for a better future.

Kit and Madison. This is a story of friendship that directly correlates, at least I thought so anyway, to Greta and Eleanor. The added layer here is Kit’s story, how she struggles with her own thoughts and feelings, her own insecurities. Throw in Evan and he’s a curveball Kit was not expecting.

This is a story the reader could easily get absorbed in and read the day away, learning about all the intricacies that surround the Barlowe Theater. Is it really haunted? Are there really missing boys? Is this all a myth and nothing really happened? What secrets are really hidden between the walls of the theater? Just wait until you find out what really happened all those many years ago at the Barlowe Theater. My favorite part of this tale of Barlowe Theater – the twists that were thrown in.

I cannot say enough about this tale of Barlowe Theater. It’s the best one yet second to The Vanishing at Castle Moreau.


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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! Loved this one!
    I own The Vanishing at Castle Moreau, but haven't read it yet. Oh but I will!