Friday, December 1, 2023

Face of Greed by James L'Etoile Blog Tour and Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

Who is looking for a new police procedural and new characters? Here it is! Welcome to the new character of Emily Hunter and her partner, Javier Medina.

Emily is the sort of detective who is like a dog with a bone, even if following the scent leads her down the wrong path a time or two and finds her overstepping that path, sort of like breaking the rules. This makes Javier cringe at times.

The thing about Emily is that she is relatable. Emily’s mom has dementia and lives with Emily. The way her mom’s dementia is portrayed is so spot on. This is one of those diseases that is hard to explain, hard to understand, but the author has nailed his description.

I enjoyed this tale because of Emily’s character as well as Javier. And Emily’s mom. Javier’s mom, Lucinda, is also an important character in this tale; she helped Emily understand her mom’s decision just a bit more. There is also “Officer Booty Bandit,” gotta love that nickname!

It is going to be interesting to follow Emily through her career. I suspect she and Javier will continue to follow the paths less traveled to get to the answers. This is the kind of police procedural I enjoy reading because of the underlying backstories and the relatability of the characters and how they all tie together in the end. A bit of a love interest peppered in doesn’t hurt, either.


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  1. Thanks for the review. Yes, I was excited about the new series too. I am a fan of this author. I read this one and loved it!