Thursday, February 1, 2024

The Traitors by C.A. Lynch New Release and Review


Help me congratulate Carissa on her newest release! Here's the blurb - 

The brand new locked-room thriller for fans of Ruth Ware and Freida McFadden.

You are cordially invited to the Beechwood Castle for a night you’ll never forget…

Six people find a thick cream envelope on their doorstep. Inside is an invitation to spend 24 hours in a crumbling manor house and be in with the chance to win a portion of one million dollars. The catch: Beechwood Castle was the site of one of the most horrific murders in modern history.

The smell of blood, decay and death still hangs heavy in the air.

Six people walk into the house. One of them is an imposter, all of them are traitors, which of them will survive the night?


I had an opportunity to read an early copy of this book and oh my goodness. I knew I was in ‘trouble’ when I started this one at lunch one day and decided to put it aside until I could devote more than 30 minutes to this read. And when I did, I devoured this one because I wanted to know what happened, who did it, and the why behind it all.

The premise of this tale is some folks from Rock Hill suddenly received mysterious invitations to spend the night at Beechwood Castle. The prize? One-sixth of a million dollars. Who could resist, right?

Staci – a true crime podcaster. Jan her co-host, incorporating makeup into said podcast.

Lolly – the only one who survived the past horror that happened so long ago at Beechwood Castle.

Cornelius – an architect by trade, but also a failed marriage in his future.

Penelope – an author who folks are beginning to ignore. Her husband, Robert.

Bonnie – out of prison for a while now, trying to stay on a clean path.

Rad – one of the police officers who was called to the crime scene all those many years ago when he was a rookie.

The Hostess, Mary Beth Penner – she was just hired for the job and had no clue what was going on.

This book is one of the darkest and creepiest that this author has written. Beechwood Castle reminded me of another of her books, The Secrets of Cedar Farm, with its hidden passages. I

Each of these characters are tied together not only because of their invitations, but because of their flawed natures. The person who brought them together knew that they would go to great lengths to win the additional prize. Each of these folks also have some deeper secrets than the ones on the surface. If you are looking for a creepy, dark read, I would highly recommend you give this one a shot. And the whodunit? That was a shock and not one I was expecting. I kept thinking I had it figured out and I was wrong every time.

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