Friday, September 16, 2022

All The Broken Girls Book Review/Blog Tour


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

Marisol Alvarez (Mari – “rhymes with sorry”) is a crime reporter who has just returned after a two-week suspension. Her first ‘welcome back’ assignment was less than exciting to her, that of reporting on a baby sloth. She’s a crime reporter! She decides that she needs to just go with it because she needs her job; she has bills to pay. Her photographer, Orlando (called O) is assigned to go with her, just like he did before her suspension. Naturally, on the way to Busch Gardens, they see police cars, lights, the whole thing. Mari decides they need to investigate. O warns her against it. She doesn’t listen. She sees the two girls, she sees the scene, she takes it upon herself to do what she’s not supposed to do. In the process, she gives her bracelet to one of the girls; she constantly forgets and constantly reaches for it, then she remembers.

Time and time again, O has covered for her until he can’t anymore. Mari keeps digging and digging and keeps coming up with theories. Along comes Hoodie Hannibal, at least that’s what she calls him, and she finds out he’s one of those people who blend in, one of those people you don’t see. He definitely adds some creep factor to this tale. El Jefe (her boss) keeps telling her to stay away from the crime scenes, keeps warning her, until he runs out of patience, and she runs out of a job. She just does not stop, she keeps looking, keeps searching. She shares her theories with Detective Antonio Garcia (Tony) who finally realizes that Mari just may be on the right track and could be valuable in helping solve these crimes. The current crimes also tie into one of years past, that of Marisol’s mother.

The writing is quite good in this tale. The personalities tend to jump off the page, as if you actually know them. In this tale, you have a police procedural, a reporter’s doggedness no matter the consequences, a bit of attraction, cold cases, some sketchy background characters, a sister relationship that is hanging by a thread, an Abuela Bonita (Mari’s grandmother) who watches over her, crime clues that coincide with other cases, and so much more. Definitely a good read.


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  1. Thanks for the great review! This sounds like such a good read.