Monday, September 19, 2022

The Damned Lovely by Adam Frost Book Review/Blog Tour


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

The Damned Lovely is a bar owned by a retired cop, Jiles. You will also meet the bar patrons – Pa, The Rooster, Slice, Lily, and Jewels who worked at the bar. There is also an “office” that is referred to as the box, where Sam (the main character) uses some space to pursue his writing career, or lack of. For some scratch, Sam also drives folks around. One evening, a new patron shows up, no one knew her name. She just sat quietly, reading her book, or so it seemed that is what she was doing. Turns out, her name was Josie Pendleton and someone didn’t like her sniffing around a couple of organizations. All Sam had left of her was the denim shirt she mistakenly left at the bar. So, Sam being Sam, and having had too much to drink, decides to figure out what really happened to Josie.

In his quest, he learns about a couple of organizations Josie was apparently involved in – Patriot Strong and Backyard Dreams. He does find out something about one of these organizations. Sam began to question whether he should give up on his quest. He decides, since Detective Pinner was seemingly getting nowhere with the investigation, to continue on, asking his questions, stirring up trouble trying to find answers.

I think we all have a little bit of Sam in ourselves. Sometimes we just cannot let things go, sometimes we get the answers, sometimes we don’t. I’m not exactly sure what genre this tale would fall into, but it is a refreshing read that doesn’t follow all the rules, so to speak, in that it is not so cut-and-dried you’ll figure out who the bad guy is.


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