Monday, November 14, 2022

Interview with Baer Charlton as Presented by Partners in Crime Tours


Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

Not much. But then, I have traveled extensively in the past for other reasons. I learned a bit of Swahili when I traveled to Tanzania and Rwanda as a newbie photojournalist. The countries and the people left indelible marks on my memories and soul.

I have traveled on six of the seven continents. I’m a weather wimp these days, so I won’t be chasing penguins soon.

Years ago, my wife and I were vacationing on the Big Island in Hawaii. Having grown up in a tourist town, I knew that most tourists do not know what they’re looking at until someone tells them. So, buying tours from locals is a great     way to go. One of the guides had marvelous stories about the ancient Hawaiians. The other guide had a glorious name. So, both the name and the story went into the book I was working on: Pirate’s Patch.

With Secrets of the Gold, I have been to Arizona several times. The resort is one of my wife’s favorite ways to be spoiled, and I like the food and air.

Duff and Bean’s relationship starts with him exposing her to a marvelous world she would have never known. So, his showing her a snowflake in the hot Arizona desert was a natural. For me, as a twenty-one-year-old, it was only about fifty miles out of my way, but an oddity worth seeing.

Much of the places I put in my books, I have been to. They may have changed a bit in the last decade or three, but I know how vivid the blue paint made from lapis stone still is in the tombs of the pharaohs. The smell of the rotting jungle at the top of the volcanos in Rwanda is not the same as the rotting swamps of Georgia and Louisiana. You must go there to experience the difference the soil makes in how the vegetation rots.


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  1. "Much of the places I put in my books, I have been to." I think that's awesome. It makes a book feel so real.