Monday, April 1, 2024

Murder Leads to Marriage by Shannon Peeples Book Review


I received this book as a gift.

Let me introduce you to the characters.

Jack – The dad to Lilly, Rosie, Daisy, and Amy.

Lilly – Married to Kevin. A nurse.

Rosie – Haunted by her past with Steve. An aspiring author.

Daisy – Having a difficult time getting her life back together after losing Tommy. She becomes a clerk at the hospital Lilly works at.

Amy – The youngest of the sisters. Decided to go to law school.

Ren – The local vet. Meets up with Rosie.

Jon – Wait until you hear his nickname! Meets up with Daisy.

Danny – The local cop. Friend of the Hurley family.

Looking for a book that contains second-chance romance(s)? Check!

Looking for a book that has a close-knit family who sticks together through all the ups and downs, thick and thin? Check!

Looking for a book who has a character who can’t seem to escape her past? Check!

I enjoyed meeting all four of the sisters. They each bring something to this tale with their different personalities. The underlying thing that holds them together? Family. I’ve never read about a more close-knit family.

When Martha enters the picture, there is a definite eeriness that takes over the family. To put it mildly, Martha was a very troubled individual. I was shocked at what happened to her in the end. I did like the creepiness she brought to this family’s tale.

I was also intrigued by the dogs in this story – Big Shirley, Walter, Marilyn (the three main ones), Leo, and Evie. How clever are those names!?!

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