Friday, March 22, 2024

One Dead, Two to Go by Elena Hartwell Blog Tour and Book Review


I received this book as a gift.

This is book one in the Eddie Shoes series. And who can resist a book with the opening line of: Call me Eddie Shoes.

Eddie Shoes is a private investigator in Bellingham, Washington, with her own practice. This is an entertaining tale of a case that involves Kendra Hallings and all the drama that goes with her. You will meet colorful characters like Chava, Eddie’s mom, who is a firecracker and basically inserts herself into Eddie’s life … and home, much to Eddie’s surprise.

You will meet Mr. Hallings, Chance Parker and his partner Kate (there’s a history between Chance and Eddie). You’ll also meet the not so upstanding Karl Turner. And we meet Eduardo, Eddie’s estranged father. I have never read/met such colorful characters. All of them together are quite entertaining.

The thing that I like about Eddie is her random thoughts in even the most serious of situations. She can be facing, literally, an extremely serious situation and make light of it with her humor. I found myself chuckling quite a bit while turning these pages. Eddie seems to be the sort of PI who takes on seemingly ‘simple’ cases, but they turn out to be much more than she anticipated. If you like a good chuckle, a well-paced read full of humor, with some romantic tension thrown in, pick this one up.


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  1. Thanks for the great review! I will be starting this one soon and I can't wait!!!

  2. What a great review! Thank you for your terrific blog. Elena