Friday, March 15, 2024

Struck Dead by Andrea Kane Blog Tour and Book Review


I received this book as a gift.

Forensic Instincts is an organization that delves into criminal investigations – like a PI company, sometimes skirting the law and definitely making the detectives in this story a bit irked at their antics, especially when it comes to not sharing information. This story centers around what happened to Mr. Hillington and why and is coupled with the underlying story of what really happened to Mr. Vicario. And, to keep things interesting, who is going after Casey.

The characters we meet are Casey and Hutch (Casey is the owner of FI, and Hutch is FBI). Ryan, Patrick, Claire (she is an intriguing character), Marc, Emma, and Yoda. The two police detectives, Lorraine and Burt, who have opposite personalities so they complement each other. Angela Case, Mr. Hillington’s lawyer. The rest of the Hillington family, the Vicario family, and the secret family.

Having never “met” these characters, I was still able to pick up on their different personality quirks. Each of these folks have different talents that they use throughout their investigations. I was intrigued with Claire as she is a claircognizant, meaning she gets visions. She adds an intriguing element/perspective to this tale. I was especially taken with Yoda. Yoda is basically a Siri, an Alexa, the internet with a voice request. Yoda has also apparently taken on a human aspect, or so it seems. I also enjoyed reading about all the backstories, even the minor ones, that make the characters all the more relatable.

This is book 10 in this series and I suspect there will be more. If you like police procedurals that run in a series, pick this one up. Short chapters, quick read, well-developed characters. I don’t think you have to read them in order to get a sense of the characters. I suspect FI will be taking on another investigation soon … irritating the two detectives even more on their next adventure, especially since they’re going to be adding a new team member. You’ll have to read the book to find out who that is.


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  1. Thanks for the post. I am reading this now and loving it so far!!!