Friday, March 1, 2024

One Wrong Move by Dani Pettrey Blog Tour and Book Review


I received this book as a gift.

This was my first introduction to this author. The basis of this story is twofold. There is the story of Christian and Andi trying to figure out who was behind two heists that this tale centers around. And, there is also the intertwining story of Hunter (who happens to be Andi’s best friend) and Deckard (who happens to be Christian’s brother) who are trying to unravel what really happened leading up to Andi’s banishment from the FBI.

The other entertaining characters in this tale include Riley who is Christian and Deckard’s sister. Greyson, who used to own the PI business that Deckard bought from him. I enjoyed reading the banter that happens between Riley and Greyson, made me think that there was something more to their relationship. They are quite an entertaining pair.

I also enjoyed reading the small yet significant underlying backstories which included the siblings’ stories of their less-than-desirable upbringing and how they got to where they are as adults. There is Andi’s story with the FBI and her failed relationships. And Hunter … we all need a best friend like Hunter, one who stands by our side no matter what. I liked and appreciated the fact that Christian and Deckard were able to show their vulnerability which is rare for male characters. I think it added just a little more realism to this tale. As well, each of these characters call upon their faith to get them through the worst of times and the best of times. There are also some romantic notions thrown in just to keep things interesting. I would not hesitate to read this author’s work again. I enjoyed her writing style and how she dropped tidbits of information throughout these pages. And, we can’t forget the bad guy and how he ties into all these backstories.


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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing! This sounds like such a wonderful book and the beginning of a great series!