Monday, March 11, 2024

Kaleidoscope of Secrets by Sandy Clements Book Review


Do you like stories with strong women characters? This one has two very strong women in Mia and Nikki.

Do you like stories that discover a long-lost buried family secret? This one has that covered!

What about a backstory of a childhood friendship that lasted over the years? Covered.

And … what about just a bit of back-and-forth romance? That’s here too.

How about a couple of bad guys? Check that one off as well.

I didn’t realize how much I appreciated a strong female main character or two. This is something that appealed to me as I was turning the pages. I like Mia’s character as she comes across as meek and mild, maybe even a bit standoffish, until she comes face-to-face with Nikki.

Nikki, the other main female character, is on the opposite end of the spectrum to Mia. I think this provides an excellent contrast in these two characters.

There are a whole host of characters that make this a colorful read. Their personalities really pop off the pages. Join Mia as she goes through a kaleidoscope of emotions as she uncovers a couple of long-lost, deeply buried secrets that she was not expecting. And the twist? That was totally unexpected.

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