Friday, September 15, 2023

25 to Life by John Lansing Blog Tour and Book Review


Published September 5, 2023.

I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

While this is book 5 in the The Jack Bertolino series, it can certainly be read as a standalone. This was my first introduction to Mr. Jack Bertolino. He’s an interesting fellow.

This book starts out with the crime and it keeps on going, leading us down the path that Jack takes, after he’s called in on the case, to get to the answer. This book starts out with a bang and does not stop. I enjoyed the writing style contained within these pages, the descriptions of the characters produced a chuckle or two.

This is the kind of crime thriller, if you will, that I enjoy reading. One that is focused on the case of today but leads back to past cases. It’s always interesting to see how things get wrapped up in the end and how things start to tie together, even with multiple moving parts (i.e. characters), and just exactly what role they each played. It also doesn’t hurt that Jack has a bit of a love interest.

I liked the pacing of this story. If you like a story that starts out with the crime and keeps on moving at a good clip, try this one. I would not hesitate to read more of Jack’s adventures.


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  1. Very nice review! This whole series in on my wish list!! Sounds so good!

  2. John Lansing had trouble commenting so he asked me to post this for him...
    Many thanks to Melissa, for hosting me today. Her review was thoughtful, and really caught the tone of the book. The time spent reading, and writing, and disseminating the review is greatly appreciated. All the best, John

    1. Thank you for helping him out; I appreciate this!