Sunday, September 24, 2023

Reckoning by Baron Birtcher Blog Tour and Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

My first introduction to Ty Dawson, sheriff of Meriwether County, basically a podunk town in Oregon. The thing about Ty is he doesn’t take kindly to strangers, even if those strangers are from another part of law enforcement, messing with folks he cares about. Such is the case with KC and Irene Sheridan. This tale surrounds property lines and rights.

KC Sheridan - he’s the old-timer of this tale. He and Irene are pretty tough, with all they have been through in their lifetimes. They just want to ensure their cattle are safe, so KC decides to do what he thinks is right, which makes him a stand-up guy in my book. Irene, quiet though she is, is tough as nails. You can tell that by the way her character is written.

Of course, there are Ty’s opponents, some he thinks he can trust, others he knows he can’t. Ty tries to see the best in most folks, but at heart he is a downhome cowboy, with his own ranch, and believes in justice. Jesse, Ty’s wife, has elicited the respect of not only their ranch hands but the young officers Ty works with as well.

Being from Oregon myself, this tale called to mind some of the towns in the surrounding area. This tale also mentions some things of the past - dial phones, not one mention of a cell phone or an internet search, just good old-fashioned detective footwork. I would classify this tale as part western/part mystery. There are two cases involved in this story that made for an entertaining read and how two of the bad guys intertwined with the more pressing case that Ty was working on, finding out just how deep his opponents were involved. I really enjoyed how the author painted pictures with his descriptions of certain scenes. If you like a good western coupled with a couple mysteries thrown in, try this one.


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