Thursday, September 7, 2023

Dead of Winter by Darcy Coates Book Review


This was my first introduction to this author’s writing and it started off with a bang. This was totally not what I was expecting. I was intrigued by the title and the cover so I decided to give this one a go.

Picture yourself on a trip for a retreat with at least ten other people … a trip your boyfriend was invited on. Picture yourself wondering how these other folks were also on the same trip. It’s snowing outside so the bus you’re all riding on is not having the easiest of times navigating the road to begin with when a tree is in the way. Everyone except one person ends up in an abandoned cabin - not the lodge that was originally promised because no one can get to it.

As this tale of nightmares unfolds, the reader learns about the different personalities that start to emerge as everyone starts to feel cooped up in such a tiny space. Strange things start to happen, and things go bump in the night. This is a dark tale that really can only be described as Christa’s worst nightmare, Christa being the main character. But man … was this a good one!

I am definitely going to be reading more of this author’s work.

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