Monday, November 20, 2023

Calico by Lee Goldberg Book Review


This was certainly a different take on a mystery, especially when Beth McCade found herself investigating a strange death that tied into the 1800s. Just exactly how she wasn’t sure but she was determined to find out even if she was ousted to the tiny town of Barstow. I’m sure there’s a bigger story there. You have to love the name of the bar in this town – Pour Decisions.

Enter Owen Slader. Imagine his surprise when he found himself ‘stuck’ in the 1800s and didn’t know how he got there other than a ‘rip in time’ that he was either fortunate enough or unfortunate enough to slip through.

The description of Owen living back in the 1800s, but being careful not to do anything that would hurt his future, was quite intriguing. How it all tied together in the end was even more interesting as Owen and his wife back in the 1800s wrote out explicit details for future generations. Definitely a different twist on things and one that you’re sure to enjoy if you are into time-travel and an old-time western tales.

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