Friday, November 3, 2023

Deadly Pines by Mary Keliikoa Blog Tour and Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

This is book two in the Misty Pines Mystery series. I highly recommend you read book one, Hidden Pieces, to get a ‘feel’ for the characters you will find throughout these pages.

Misty Pines is a small town in Oregon where big-city crimes happen. This time is no different and involves the next town over, West Shore. We also get to ‘meet’ some new characters.

If you’ve read Hidden Pieces, then you know the relationship between Jax and Abby - that hasn’t changed. Trudy is still the receptionist at the sheriff’s office but plays a bigger role in Deadly Tides.

We get to meet Rachel and her dog, Koa. Rachel is the daughter of Jax’s long-time friend, Jameson. Rachel has her own reasons for moving to Misty Pines.

We also get to meet Margot Coleman. She’s a newcomer to Misty Pines.

We also are introduced to Olek, who is Abby’s new partner.

And there is also Dora, Abby’s mother. We learn quite a lot about her. She is also an essential character in the telling of this tale.

There are a whole host of other ‘smaller’ characters intermixed that help make this story complete.

There is an overlap in the two cases involved in the telling of this tale which, of course, creates some tension between Abby and Jax, but even they can’t deny that there is one piece that connects their cases. The question is - how will they handle it and will they let their own egos get in the way, or will they work together?

If you like a series that takes place in a small town with all the small-town nooks and crannies and a small town that hosts big-city crimes, I recommend you read this series. Hidden Pieces, I am quite certain, will have you hooked. The characters are consistent throughout the writing, they are flawed, they are relatable. I can only imagine what will happen in Misty Pines next.

Deadly Tides is such a fitting title for this tale involving the ocean and feet. My favorite line in this book - “Even a rat deserved better.”


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