Thursday, November 16, 2023

Like A Sister by Kellye Garrett Book Review


I have wanted to get my hands on this book for quite a while. I finally did and I was not disappointed. While the subject matter of this tale is rather serious, I found myself chuckling along the way. I found a lot of personality shining through on these pages.

The basis of this story is Lena (Melina) trying to figure out what happened to her sister, Desiree, while also dealing with her guilt over the past two years. Along the way she meets Erin, Desiree’s best friend. Detective Green. Stuart, the reporter who wants to tell Desiree’s story. And let’s not forget Mel Pierce, Desiree and Lena’s father, along with his wife, Veronika. There is also Aunt E – we all need an Aunt E!

I enjoyed the telling of this tale, not only because of the story line but because of the writing style, which I found very straightforward in a way that is relatable. The characters are far from perfect, which makes them all the more real. Lena’s inner thoughts are spot on. I thought I had figured out the whodunnit, but I was wrong.

Side note: I actually had the opportunity to meet Kellye at Bouchercon 2023 in San Diego. Her writing style matches her personality which is something I appreciate.

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