Wednesday, January 3, 2024

The Wrong Good Deed by Caroline B. Cooney Book Review


I’ve had this title sitting on my shelf for quite a while and decided to give it a read. I have to say I really enjoyed Clemmie and Muffin’s story. I mean … who could resist character names like Muffin and Clemmie?

Each of these ladies had their own pasts that were coming back to give them some trouble. Muffin finally opened up and told Clemmie about what she did back in the 1960s, which Clemmie had a hard time understanding. Clemmie herself had her own secret that she kept buried and didn’t even tell Muffin about. These events were only triggered by a rare sighting on Muffin’s part. A random act that had her scared.

Clemmie and Muffin came across in this tale as so lifelike, so realistic, even though they are characters in a book. I like the fact that I could feel Muffin’s fear. I was shocked and saddened a bit by what happened to Muffin. Clemmie … I don’t even know how to explain her character, but the author drops random ‘Clemmie thoughts,’ if you will, that are so spot on I felt myself relating to her so much. These thoughts seemingly came out of nowhere and added just that little bit more to this story.

Muffin’s history seemed pretty spot-on to what happened back in the 1960s. She’s quite an intriguing character herself.

And the title of the book? That is spot-on as well. If you like a little bit of history that comes crashing into the present, with a bit of humor tossed in for good measure, give this one a read.

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