Monday, January 8, 2024

Third Time's The Charm by Michale Mohr Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

This tale has some interesting characters whose lives collide in ways they didn’t expect.

Melinda – a physical therapist turned amateur investigator. Melinda is also dating Tom who is a police detective. Melinda’s antics at trying to step in and help, especially when her son’s friend is involved, makes Tom shake his head, but also makes him worry for Melinda. Tom’s boss, Lansing, also shakes his head at her antics, but they both realize that she uncovers details that they may have missed. Melinda sometimes finds herself in situations and is unaware of how to get herself out of them because, after all, she’s not a detective.

Dominic – Mr. Gallo is the thief in this tale. However, he’s a thief of a different kind. He has a conscience. He definitely knows right from wrong and, after meeting Melinda and Tom and some of their friends, he starts to change his way of thinking. Definitely not your average thief. His wife, Lisa.

James Walsh – this story’s bad guy.

Indie – Melinda’s best friend and her husband, Fred.

There are also some minor characters that help shape this story. Jason, Melinda’s son. Jeff, one of the victims in this tale, and his wife, Grace. Janice, the receptionist at the physical therapy office. There is also a hint of a political aspect involving Mayor Preston. And thrown into the mix just to keep things interesting is Officer Billings.

Melinda is definitely the star of this show. She provided quite a chuckle in her not-so-stellar investigative efforts. All of these characters intertwine together with their backstories and antics to make for an entertaining, quick read. It will be interesting to see what Melinda gets involved in next.

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