Sunday, August 14, 2022

Depths of Deceit by Laura Oles Book Review/Blog Tour


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

While reading this book the character Jamie Rush seemed very familiar to me. I still haven’t figured out why, but the relationship she and Cookie have is one of respect and friendship. Those two things are important considering they are business partners. They are in the business of tracing down skips for repossession. Skips are those folks who have … wait for it … skipped out on payments of one sort or another. This book centers around Renata’s request of Cookie, Renata being a friend to Cookie. Her sister, Leah, has been ghosting her and she thinks something is wrong as Leah at least keeps in touch with Renata and it is unlike her to not so much as answer a text. To add to this mix is Alastair Finn who is back in the town of Port Alene where this tale is set (Texas). Alastair is no stranger to Cookie and is a rival in the skip business, having dusted Jamie and Cookie on a couple of their cases. While Renata’s case doesn’t generate any income for Jamie and Cookie, something they desperately need as their pockets are running on empty, the take it on. This case gets more and more interesting the more Jamie and Cookie uncover and, much to their dismay, they need Alastair’s help to bring this case to resolution.

This is quite an entertaining read. While there is a case involved that Jamie and Cookie need to solve, there are issues with Jamie and her mom and dad (Alex and Stella), her sister Grace, and Cookie’s family has quite a drama club going on as well, though that is not explored in great depth. There is the animosity between Alastair, Jamie, and Cookie, though there is also a mutual respect in the end. And, then there is Deuce. Deuce is Jamie’s bulldog; he makes for a delightful character addition. Marty is the bartender who watches Deuce during the daytime while Jamie is out solving crimes; he is also Jamie’s landlord, having rented the loft above his bar to Jamie.

It will be interesting to follow this series to see what other cases Jamie and Cookie get involved in. I’m sure Alastair will be right there with them, ready to scoop up their bounty! And Deuce, the bulldog, will be soaking up more attention than he could possibly imagine.


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