Monday, August 8, 2022

The Killings Begin by Bradley Pay Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review. This is book 1 in the Spectrum series.

This is an interesting take on a not-so-typical murder mystery. In this tale, you will meet Gia. Gia is a young lady who has run away from her family to escape an arranged marriage. One evening, while sitting in a bar, she meets three long-time friends – Raul, Joseph, and Sal. She comes up with an idea to help them with their predicament of never having time to date, let alone have any sort of serious relationship. She comes up with the idea of a “contract” so she can be their “date,” if you will, no strings attached.

Through this “contract,” these four individuals, over the span of a few years, become friends. As well, Gia has experiences she never would have had otherwise from galas to dinner parties to openings of businesses to travel. As well, Gia has a best friend, Mari, who encourages Gia to pursue her own dreams and not focus so much on this “contract.” Gia does just that and pursues her architectural degree as she is fascinated with and has a passion for buildings, their history, how they were made.

This is only one story contained within these pages.

There is also the story of Judge Tracey Lauch. He’s retired. He’s bored. He decides to travel. He takes a cruise where he meets Mari and Gia. He also meets Charlotte, which surprises him. There is a dark side to Judge Lauch.

If you like to travel vicariously through characters in a book, this may be just the one to help. It does, however, take a while for all the affected parties to come together, so it is a slow burn (at least for me it was), but you will finally have the a-ha moment when everything ties together. You may even find yourself wondering … why?


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