Sunday, August 28, 2022

Heroes Ever Die by J.A. Crawford Book Review/Blog Tour


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

This is certainly a different take on your “typical” murder mystery. Ken Allen had a one-time not-quite-starring role as Jove Brand. Needless to say, the movie flopped and he went on to become a private investigator. Through his role of Jove Brand, he met special effects guru, Ray Ford, and they formed a friendship … all these many years later. Fast forward to present day when some mysterious deaths occurred not just a one production company but also at a rival production company. Enter Ken Allen’s not-so-great abilities as a private eye to find out what’s or who is behind these deaths and to help his friend, Ray Ford, get out of the pickle he finds himself in.

Because this is a character-driven book based on superheroes, the jacket that Ray Ford designed for Ken is full of all kinds of gadgets that he uses to incapacitate the “bad” guys he’s after. This tale takes him on some pretty farfetched adventures, but I think that is the point … it is farfetched because aren’t comics farfetched? I found myself chuckling just a bit at some of the antics Mr. Crawford has displayed in this tale of whodunnit.

Mr. Crawford maintained his creativity and his fun tone throughout this entire tale, but again … some of the antics that Mr. Allen and others found themselves in are pretty farfetched and are certainly good for a chuckle!


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  1. Thanks for the review. This one looks like so much fun! "Fiction" books that are not real feeling, or farfetched never bother me. :-) After all, they are "Fiction". This one is on my wish list!