Thursday, August 4, 2022

Edge of Dusk by Colleen Coble Book Review/Blog Tour


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

This is the first book in this new series for Ms. Coble, featuring Annie Pederson who is a law enforcement officer/ranger. There are many underlying layers in this tale. Annie’s ‘nightmare’ began when she was just a little girl and her sister disappeared. All these many years later, twenty-four to be exact, Annie is still searching for Laura. She now has her own little girl, Kylie, and is also dealing with the deaths of her parents and her husband, Nate, as well as some past regrets which come to the surface when Jon Dunstan returns to Rock Harbor.

Annie –Since her parents’ death, not only is she a ranger, she is also the owner of her family’s campground/resort.

Kylie – Annie’s daughter who is dealing with her father’s death along with losing her grandparents, and a diagnosis, not fatal, but shocking to Annie.

Jon Dunstan – Annie’s teenage boyfriend. Things didn’t turn out so well back then, Jon left Rock Harbor to pursue his medical career, and only returns to get his father’s cabin ready to sell. His dad accompanies him to Rock Harbor and is not blind to Jon’s affection for Annie, even after all these years.

Laura – Annie’s missing sister.

Taylor – An interesting character. Annie hires her to be Kylie’s nanny and to help out around the resort.

Bree and Kade – Readers of Ms. Coble will ‘know’ Bree from a previous series. She is present in this series as well, but more as a background character. She and Kade have three children of their own, Davy (Bree’s son) and a set of twins.

Anu – A local shop owner.

And the police force whom Annie works closely with. There are also many background characters who are essential in the telling of this tale.

When Jon returns to Rock Harbor, both he and Annie are forced to deal with regrets from the past. The more Annie investigates a particular case, the more ‘warnings’ she gets. Taylor is not all she seems to be. What exactly is Taylor up to? Kylie is diagnosed with celiac disease which makes Annie question certain aspects of her past. Both Annie and Kylie are dealing with the trauma of losing family members, compounded with Annie not only being a ranger but also the owner of her family’s resort/campground. Not to mention a new puppy! Kylie is dealing with meeting Jon and just exactly what he means to her mom, making her a very relatable little girl.

This is going to be one interesting series, especially if there are as many underlying stories running through the pages as there are in this first book. I am looking forward to more of Annie’s adventures.


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