Monday, January 16, 2023

Montana Marine by Debra Parmley Book Review


I received this book as a gift.

This book is part of the Brotherhood Protector series. In this tale, we are introduced to Angelica Glory who is a diva in every sense of the word. We also get to meet Lucy Woods, Ms. Glory’s assistant. In reality, Lucy really wanted a job in the costume department when she was offered the job of Ms. Glory’s assistant. She took it, thinking at least she was in the vicinity and could move to the costume department when a position became available. Enter the roses and the notes, which Lucy dutifully filed away. Enter the lingerie, which Ms. Glory eagerly opened and passed off to Lucy. Enter Monroe … Ms. Glory’s manager. Off they go to Montana so the Brotherhood Protectors could … well … protect them. This did not sit well with Ms. Glory and she became even more moody, taking her bad mood out on Lucy. Enter Jack (Gunny to his friends) who was in charge of the protection detail for both Ms. Glory and Lucy.

While I figured out where this story was headed, it was an enjoyable read … one that made me go awww … This is a quick read, having finished it in a day, but it contains a few different storylines. There is Ms. Glory and her divaishness. Lucy and her insecurities, staying in a job that she does not like but needs, seeing it as a means to an end. And a good introduction to the Brotherhood Protector series.

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