Monday, January 23, 2023

Under A Veiled Moon by Karen Odden Blog Tour/Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review.

Down a Dark River is book one in this series; I would recommend reading that one first to introduce yourself to the main character, Michael (Mickey) Corravan. This tale is set in 1878, London, a time when the Irish were not a favorite, so many people at odds with each other. In this particular tale, Scotland Yard Inspector Corravan finds himself involved in trying to figure out the death of a man, where he came from, who is family was. Boom! There was a terrible accident on the Thames involving two vessels, so that added to his open investigations. While he was investigating these two crimes, a couple others happened, only adding to the question of how these crimes were connected, if they were. During these overlapping investigations, he starts discovering things about the family who took him in that he did not know, and he finds himself at wit’s end trying to figure it all out.

While the historical genre is not a usual one for me to read, I was highly impressed with the writing of this tale, very detailed descriptions of how things were back in the 1800s. Compared to today’s technology, can you imagine solving any kind of crime while taking notes (with pen and paper) and having to remember it all? No computers, no internet, no cell phones, none of the ‘conveniences’ of today. I would recommend this book to history buffs and those who enjoy the historical genre.

This may sound a bit silly, but I was actually reading this book with an Irish accent. Do you ever do that … create voices for your characters?


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  1. Nice review, thanks! This sounds like an interesting one.
    And, I've done that before - read books in an accent. LOL