Monday, January 2, 2023

The Summer She Disappeared by Carissa Ann Lynch Book Review


I received a gifted copy and am providing a review. (Not my picture; publishing February 28, 2023.)

Willow and her family are not rich by any means. Instead of big, expensive summer vacations, they travel about forty minutes away from home (Branton) to Hillendale for the summertime. Basically, only shifting locations, but still … the scenery is different. Willow meets Kathi Jo and they become fast friends.

The following summer, it’s back to Hillendale. Kathi Jo has changed. She’s now hanging out with Blake, Tommy, and Trevor. Chloe, Blake’s sister, doesn’t bother hanging out with them. Willow never felt she fit in with this crowd, always thinking she was being judged by them. This is the summer some terrible things happened. This is the summer they wish they could all forget. This is the last summer Willow and her family spent in Hillendale.

Fast forward quite a few years and Willow finds herself back in Hillendale, trying to fix up the lake house so she can sell it or rent it, since it’s hers now. Being back in Hillendale brings back a lot of memories and a lot of questions - the main one being what happened to her friend.

If you like a tale told in a dual timeline, with a couple of storylines mixed together, give this one a read in 2023. There are dropped hints of what happened that fateful summer that will keep the pages turning until the answers are revealed.


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